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Frequently Asked Questions
Dial-Up Users


If you are connecting through AOL, Earthlink, Juno, or any other dial-up Internet provider, the game may be too large for your connection to handle. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


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Players Overseas


During our peak server times, you may experience long load times or latency issues. Please try loading the application at different times to see if this improves. 

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Players with special characters or symbols in their names


Special characters and Symbols will cause the game to break, and you will not be able to load Gardens of Time. If you are experiencing this issue and cannot remove these special characters, please send us an email with your social network ID.

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What are Blitz Boosters in Gardens of Time?


Blitz Boosters

Blitz boosters are bonuses you can add to your blitz scenes, to give you an advantage when you play.  



What are the Blitz Boosters, and what do they do?

There are currently three Blitz Booster types:

1 - Time Freeze: Time Freeze Booster gives you an additional 5 Seconds to play the scene when the scene begins.


2- Fast Five: Instantly find 5 hidden objects - giving you instant points and a 5x score multiplier


3 - Glass Charm: This Booster increases the chance that you will find crafting materials in the scene

This charm is unlocked with gold, however after it is unlocked, it can be purchased with silver and energy.

You must be at least level 9 to unlock this boost


Can I use Blitz Boosters in the Weekly Blitz challenge?

Yes! You can use Blitz Boosters on any blitz.

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What are stamps in Gardens of Time on Facebook?


Stamps are a fun new way to add reputation to your garden.

You can complete special challenges, earn commemorative stamps, and trade them with your neighbors!



There are three ways to earn stamps currently

  1. Trade stamps with neighbors
  2. Earn Stamps by completing challenges
  3. Purchasing Stamps from the Shop

We will go over each in detail, but first you need to know how to navigate your Stamp Book.



To start, click on the mailbox outside of your garden. This is where you will go to decorate your album, to collect new stamps, and to see how much reputation your stamps are earning you. You can click on your neighbors? mailboxes too! 



The My Album tab is your stamp scrapbook. Feel free to name it if you like!

- Your album comes with one stamp to start.

- Go ahead and click on that stamp to see your stamp grid.

            - Stamps come in all sizes

            - Because some stamps are rarer, or harder to collect, they are worth much more reputation!

            - To start, you have one page in your stamp album.


Edit Mode

Enter edit mode by clicking on any stamp.

You can use Edit Mode to move, store, or sell stamps, just choose the tool from the toolbar you want to use.



There are three Tabs

My Album ? Where you can place stamps and earn reputation

Trades ? Where you can display any stamps you want to trade

Get More -  Where you can view challenges that will award you stamps when completed.


Only stamps placed in the My Album tab will earn reputation. Stored stamps do not earn reputation, because no one can see them!


Stamp Trading

You can trade stamps with other players! Whether you find you need a smaller stamp to fit in nooks and crannies of a full album, or if want a stamp with higher reputation, or simply want one you think is beautiful, you can do that with Stamp Trading. 



Putting your Stamps up for Trade

To trade a stamp, you first need to choose a stamp you are willing to trade from your inventory.

If the stamp is not in your inventory yet, you will want to go back to your album, store it, then click the Trade tab again.


On the trade tab, click the inventory envelope. We are going to choose the Hourglass V that we started with. You can see in this inventory that the stamp is 2x2 squares large, and worth 7,200 reputation (This is just an example amount, real values may be different).


Click the stamp you want to trade, then place it anywhere on the page. When a friend visits you, they can go to your mailbox and see what stamps you have for trade.


They can choose any stamp that they have, and trade you for the one you put up. Currently, there is a limit so that stamps have to be roughly similar in value to trade. You can?t trade beginning stamp in trade for a really rare stamp.



Looking for other player?s Stamps

Visit your neighbors to view their stamp album, and if they have any stamps to trade!

If you haven?t yet, check out Lulu?s lovely album!

Share pictures of your favorite album pages, or post pictures of stamps you would like to trade in our forums!



Shopping for Stamps

Enter the stamp shop by visiting the My Album tab of your stamp book, then clicking the Stamp Shop icon, which looks like a glue bottle. 



Just like real stamps, the stamps you purchase come in stamp booklets. Each booklet has a variety of stamps in it, which you can keep for yourself or trade with other players. The reputation value of the stamps in the booklet set is written next to the crown icon on the set. This is the total value of all of the stamps in that booklet.



In this example, we have purchased the Sleepy Panda set. It may take a moment for this message to appear while the stamps are being delivered to your inventory.

You can also purchase more pages for your album by clicking the Album tab in the Stamp Shop. 



Questing for Stamps

You can earn individual stamps by completing special challenges. Click the 'Get More' tab to see what challenges you can do. Some examples would be: visiting neighbors, earning stars, and placing gifts in gardens. 

The harder the challenge, the more the the stamp will be worth.  


For Maximizing Reputation Bonuses: Fill your entire album. If there are no empty squares, you will receive a special bonus.


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What does Paradox Detected mean?


The Paradox Detected message appears when:

Another window of the game is open
Your time or date is set incorrectly on your computer


If you see the Paradox Message detected; check you computer's clock time and set it to auto-update. Make sure that the date and time are correct. Then, close all windows of the game, expect for one, and refresh that game window.  

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What is the story of the Time Lab in Gardens of Time?


As the story goes..

Quincy discovers some musty maps of the old Time Manor, and discovers a basement that had been walled over long ago. The Time Society, while well-traveled, had lost much of the information regarding the foundation and early technology of the Time Society. 


What has been discovered..

The basement is a veritable treasure trove of lost academic journals, inventions and schematics. Most interestingly, there is information on some of the prototype Time Gardens!


The old research lab is in quite the disarray either with an experiment gone awry, or a malicious attack. We think we can track down some of the missing pieces to puzzle together the lost history of the Time Society. One of these handbooks appears nearly intact.  Keep your eyes peeled for missing fragments while you are on about your business, and report back to Quincy in the Time Lab with your findings!


Sometime later..

Reading through the handbooks you have helped him put together, Quincy determines that this contraption is an early prototype of the Time Machine, quite possibly the first! We are not sure where this Time Machine leads; its controls seem primitive, but functional. If we could locate the tokens required to operate it, we may be able to travel to new places!

After a little more reading, the tokens appear to be an award for trusted time agents - most likely to keep the junior staff and interns from getting into too much trouble. These tokens can be created by a seasoned explorer such as you. We believe your Handbook has a page on how to create tokens, you may need to repair it with fragments to unlock it. 

This token-activated device will send you to different scenes, some of which are inaccessible by your primary time machine. Due to its use in the destruction of the lab, you will likely find more lab fragments while searching with the Time Mechanism.

As a brave and seasoned Time Society member, use the Time Mechanism to explore time and collect missing fragments!


Secondary Objectives

Life continues as normal, and while your help with the Time Mechanism is requested, we understand if your duties as a Time Society agent outweigh this new opportunity. You can choose not to participate, but there are many agents ready to assist Quincy, and in one monthÂ’s time, there will likely be no more work left to do on this project.


There will be great items to unlock. The Handbooks show a lost rose, frozen in time under glass. Assisting Quincy will likely lead to this timeless rose, and to the very first Time Garden.

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My game is not translated, what happened?


We sincerely apologize that we are no longer translating Gardens of Time into each language listed in your game.


While new chapters are not translated, you can continue to play existing translated chapters, and all chapters will continue to be available in English.


If you would like to select another language to play, please see the list of translated chapters below:



Chapters 1 through 25



Chapters 1 through 31



Chapters 1 through 31



Chapters 1 through 31



Chapters 1 through 73



Chapters 1 through 80



Chapters 1 through 80


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Why are there no ads available to watch now?


The Watch and Earn option depends on the advertisements we have available. Since many ads are targeted to specific areas, access to the game may be limited outside those areas. We make every effort to deliver ads that help pay for your game experience, and when they are available the button will be presented. 



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